Islam religion: Virtues of Ramadan
Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Virtues of Ramadan

Description: Ramadan is a month of Worship. It is a month where all Muslims come together on one basic pillar of Islam without which a persons Islam is incomplete. In this lecture Yasir Qadhi shares with us some of the virtues of Islam.
Main Speaker: Yasir Qadhi

Key Points of This Video

Introduction [start time 00:00]

Allah facilitates acts of good in this month [start time 02:05]

Prophet climbing the three steps [start time 03:00]

What do you have to get forgiveness? [start time 05:30]

Night of Power [start time 07:35]

Special door of paradise for people that fast [start time 08:01]

Conclusion [start time 09:18]


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